Interesting article and video from “The View” regarding Whoopi Goldberg's experience with her new iPhone 4. She murdered it after having problems receiving calls, dropping calls, and so much more.

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Whoopi Goldberg “Murdered” Her iPhone 4 [VIDEO]

Talk about bad timing: today, Apple is holding a press conference to explain their view on the iPhone 4's antenna issues, but Whoopi Goldberg couldn't wait that long. Due to numerous problems with the device, which she described on the latest episode of ABC's The View, she “murdered” it by smashing it against the ground.

“The people couldn't get a hold of me…my phone would ring and ring and ring to them, but wouldn't do anything to me,” she explains, adding that she also had troubles with e-mail. “My phone was bad; it wasn't just that the antenna was bad, it was bad,” she said.



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