TweetMeme has released a Pro version of their services for website owners

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TweetMeme has listened to their users' feedback and have released a Pro version of their famous “retweet” button.

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TweetMeme Pro

In response to feedback from some of our larger publishers, we are proud to announce the launch of TweetMeme Pro.

TweetMeme continually looks to improve its service and develop new ways for our publishers to integrate seamlessly. The company has grown substantially over the past year and now serves in the region of 700M buttons per day on around 250,000 sites.

We understand that it is important to provide the option of delivering a branded experience for its users through improved delivery and the ability to customise the button.

The TweetMeme Pro Button provides support for:

  • Customisation on the design of the button
  • Customisation on the design of the pop-up box
  • Dedicated servers to ensure high reliability and performance
  • The best user + publisher Retweet experience*
  • 100% accurate Retweet counts*
  • URL Shortener Support (including BIT.LY Pro)*
  • Web, RSS, Email and Mobile support*
  • Support for HashTags + Whitespace*
  • International language support*
    • Up to 10 UTM tracking codes within the button



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