Five Social Media Tips for Fun and Profit

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Five Social Media Tips for Fun and Profit

Last month, I published a post called The Seven Deadly Sins of Public Relations, in which I made a plea for intelligent PR pitches. Ask and ye shall receive!  My LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook friend, Issamar Ginzberg, responded with some very solid social media advice for small businesses. Here are Ginzberg's five tips for using social media (some of which he used on me, so they clearly work):

Respond to comments on Facebook from industry leaders. Fan (now the “like” button on most Facebook pages) leaders in your industry and respond to their comments. This accomplishes two things: you develop a relationship with the poster (who, outside of the social media scene, might not be social to you at all) by making your name recognizable even if they don't interact with you directly; it also enables you to develop relationships with the other readers and commentators of that same person's Facebook feed. Many great relationships, interactions, and new friendships bloom from an initial meeting in the comments section of a post, provided your comments are thoughtful, incisive, and add a new angle or element to the discussion taking place.



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