Overcoming the Overwhelm of the New Year

by | Kim Beasley, Motivational, Social Media Marketing | 0 comments

Have you been experiencing overwhelm due to new projects or just that this is the first part of the New Year? Are you having problems staying focused on your projects or plans for the New Year? The New Year has started and like many, I have “new plans” for the “New Year”. Along with the new plan can come a lot of expectation to have successful and rewarding projects.

One thing that I have built into my plans for the New Year is “me time” so that I don't get overwhelmed. If you have been experiencing “overwhelm”, I want to share a few tips to help you “overcome the overwhelm of the New Year”.

  • Plan “me time” into your week where you take time to concentrate on pampering yourself.
  • Use project planning software to manage your many projects. This will help you to manage your resources, staff technology, and project.
  • Be open and flexible, especially if you have new projects that you have started.
  • Keep in mind that you can delegate tasks to a virtual team member to alleviate some of the pressure off of you.
  • Monitor your progress so that you will be able to look back to see what you have accomplished as the year proceeds.

As you overcome the overwhelm of the New Year, celebrate your successes and keep encouraging yourself. I would love to hear what you have to share on how you deal with “the overwhelm” feeling that you can get as a business owner when dealing with the New Year.

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