Donating to the Lighthouse Christian Academy

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Official kick-off for Lighthouse Christian Academy Tele-fundraiser is December 10, 2009. Live tele-fundraiser call at 7pm CST via Blog Talk Radio (


For the month of December 2009, I have chosen to hold a tele-fundraiser for The Lighthouse Christian Academy (LCA). LCA promotes a loving, nurturing environment for all its learners with equal rights and opportunities for its students. Because they specialize in giving each child a unique environment to learn in,this is just one of the things that makes LCA special.

The purpose of LCA is to provide education to all children regardless of race, sex,or intellectual capacities. LCA believes in providing education to all children and specializes in teaching gifted or slow learners, those with emotional disabilities such as autism, children who are considered special children who have deficit disorders, etc. The age group that LCA provides education to is kindergarten to 12th grade students.

The Academy’s goal is to differentiate learning
to meet the uniqueness of their students.

By donating to the Academy, your contribution will produce funds to keep the school open and maintain the education of the children. Moreover, the funds raised will be used to purchase computers, support the overhead costs for maintaining the building, maintenance and utilities and subsidize the costs of the curriculum.

For the reasons above, we encourage everyone to donate money to make these objectives visible and possible. Your gift or donation is something that every child in LCA will value for the rest of their lives. The future of these children will depend on your donation. Giving a gift that keeps giving to the children of LCA gives them access to a valued and child-centered education and will give them a very bright future with high hopes and dreams.

Sharing is giving and giving is loving. So, let us give and share our love with the children from the LCA so they can feel that they are special in their own ways. Donate with your greatest sincerity, love and kindness!

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