As a business owner, I decided that learning healthy living good habits is important so that I would be able to sustain myself when dealing with the pressures of managing my own business. I can to this conclusion because I realized that if I'm healthy that I can live and work without having a lot of health issue. So I decided to start at the beginning and determine what I need to change in order to live healthy.

To help be during this series I decided to have one accountability partner and three co-contributors to the series so that I would have a well-rounded way of determining what it would take for me to live healthy. The people who will be part of my accountability team are:

  • Carol Dickson-Carr (accountability partner)
  • Latara Ham-Ying (healthy eating co-contributor)
  • Heather Moreno (healthy exercise co-contributor)
  • Julette Millien (healthy thinking co-contributor)

These are the areas that I felt were going to be important in helping me reach my goals of healthy living. So join me over the next 21 days as I share my journey into healthy living.

Today's tips:

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