Tools and resources are good for your healthy living program because they help you stay on course as you obtain your goals. Realizing that I am not the expert about all the tools and resources available for use, I will share that I have been given some really great suggestions that have helped me during my transition to healthier living.

Case in point, Latara Ham-Ying, who is one of my co-contributors, has been providing excellent resource information about recipes that are not only healthy for you but are fairly easy to create. Heather Moreno, another co-contributor, gave me great advice for alternative ways to workort for times when the knee I injured is in pain. These types of resources have been very helpful to me as I transition to a healthier “me”.

The tools that I'm using during my transition are basis in nature. I wear a pedometer every day to measure the number of steps I walk and how far I walk. When I workout, I have a heart monitor that I use to make sure that I keep abreast of what's going on with my heart. Since I am a very busy person, I have some in home exercise eqiupment that I use so that I will be able to workout. An additional tool that I use are exercise video such as Zumba that are not only fun but also teaches me new dance moves. 🙂

What are some of the resources that you have or tools that you use as you are transitioning to a healthier living? Please feel free to share.

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