Failure to measure a baseline is what keeps most people stuck. That's because they begin with an ideal picture of the end result without being fully aware of where they're starting from, and then attempting to do too much too soon. It's critical to know where you're starting from so that you can take steps to make measurable improvement. 

Common baselines include measurements such as body weight, body fat percentage, cholesterol, and blood pressure. These are important measurements, but a baseline ideally measures behaviors too. Asses your current activity levels (calories burned or steps taken), your perceived levels of exertion to exercise, heart rate, schedule, stress levels, health status, likes and dislikes, and any number of other aspects specific to you.  That is your complete baseline measurement. 

Measuring a baseline of your current exercise and eating habits and certain lifestyle factors will help you put together a realistic plan to achieve physical wealth, a plan that you can stick to because it's personal and do-able, not pie-in-the-sky. 

About Heather:

Heather Moreno is a leading fitness coach specializing in helping busy professionals to look good and feel great without the guilt and pressure found with traditional diet and exercise programs.  Heather's book, Achieving Physical Wealth, is available at and you can take her free 5-part Motivation to Exercise eCourse at Contact her at [email protected] or 877-348-2100.

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