“So your mind thinks, that is want you will do” is a powerful statement when you think about it. LOL, yes pun was intented. Today I want to share about the importance of dealing with a healthy mindset because you have to retrain your mind to think positive thoughts about healthy living continuously in order to be successful in making good habits.

A simple example of me doing this is when I go to a fast food place, I have the choice to get french fries with my meal of chicken strips or a side salad. I had to retrain my brain to choose the side salad over the french fries in favor of healthly living. Yes, I do also alternate between this mean and an Asian salad (LOVE THIS SALAD). Another choice I made was in getting plenty of rest so that I would be refreshed for the next day means that I have to go to bed at a decent hour so that I can get at least six hours minimum of rest. I'm still working on my mindset about exercise but it is picking up speed slowly. 🙂

How have you been dealing with creating a healthy mindset during your 21 days to sustaining a good habit of healthy living? Please feel free to share your experience or advice.

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