When I first decided to start a 21-day Healthy Living series, I reached out to my co-contributors and asked what should be the first thing I do. The consesus was to create a baseline for all areas that I will be concentrating on during the series.

So today will be focused on creating a baseline for exercise, mindset, and eating. This means that I need to create a way for me to track what I'm doing in each of these areas. The tracking will help me determine my starting place and then create milestone goals to help keep me on track.

Below are key areas that I will include in my baseline that will affect my exercise routine, eating habits and mindset for this series.

  • Nutrition (include details about where I am now and where I want to be)
  • Exercise program (include different options such as walking & working out)
  • Stress Management (make sure I deal with how stress can affect me during my transition to healthier living)
  • Health care (make sure that I am under a doctor's care about my healthy living program)
  • Workplace environment (ensure that activities include dealing with healthy living in my workplace; I work from home and therefore need a peaceful & mind-provoking environment)

Today's tip:

Do you have experience in creating a baseline? Please feel free to share them along with how it made you feel to accomplish your goals of healthy living.

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