Healthy Living: Can I really accomplish goal of healthy living

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My focus today is how to keep yourself encouraged to accomplish your goals of healthy living. It was hard to get into writing my blog post today because I've been business all day yet I felt that it was important to blog about my experiences today.

In the process of changing my habits in the health arena, I've found that keeping encourged is very important to accomplishing my goals for healthy living. Especially after I had a weekend where I had a boo-boo and slipped in my new eating habits. Yet I'm finding it rewarding to stick to my new healthy living goals as I see results such as my clothes becoming looser.

It would be great to hear how you have dealt with slips when you are trying to stick to your living healthy plan. Please feel free to share your experiences.

Today's Tip comes from Latara Ham-Ying:

Tip 7: One of the first things you need to come to grips with in changing your eating habits is to realize that you are not perfect. You may fall off the wagon but don't let it stop you from getting up and going forward with your goals for healthy eating.

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