So I've decided to do a weekly checkup on the current goals that I have so that I can see if I have made progress. Below is my first to do list that I made…

  • Getting proper rest at night (at least 6 – 8 hours) – Yes, I'm doing this
  • Eating the right foods at the right time – Yes, I'm doing this and enjoying it
  • Exercising consistently – working with personal trainer to create plan ()
  • Shortening my work day (from 16 hours to a maximum of 10) – Yes, I'm doing this
  • Investing time into my personal business, Yes, I'm doing this
  • Hiring a VA and delegating tasks, YES I DID THIS, YEAH!!!
  • Schedule social networking time frames, I can't be perfect so yes I'm still working on this one. ­čÖé

The next round for my to do list will include the following:

  • Continue monitoring my social networking time frames & create schedule
  • Create Mind Map for my business makeover
  • Develop strategy for implementing business makeover
  • Continue working on setting up daily schedule
  • Focus on the services that I will provide to my clients
  • Create to do list for VA

One thing that is helpful when you are going through a business makeover is to continue monitoring your progress by creating to do lists. As you complete a to do list, create a new one. It is also a good idea to do a weekly check-up as you go through the business makeover process. Even when you have completed the initial process of making over your business, continue doing a periodic check-up so you can monitor your progress.

Do you have suggestions for those who may feel stuck in a hole with their business? Have you gone through the process of a business makeover and would like to share about your experience? Please feel free to leave your comments. I look forward to your feedback.

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