Yesterday I made a business decision to ask for accountability partners as part of my business makeover. I sent a request out to Twitterville* and three of my tweeples** answered back to let me know that they would hold me accountable. The three who will be my acccountability partners are Latara (@LataraHamYing), Christine (@neosoulsister), and Dee (@deegospel).

Why did I ask for accountability partners? I did this so that I will have someone who would check on me to make sure that I'm following through with my plans. It is always important that you not only have a mentor, who will guide you in the right direction, but you also need accountability partners, who will hold you accountable to what you have decided to do. Having accountability partners is not something new but if you don't have at least one, you are doing yourself a disfavor.

When determining who your accountability partner should be, you should keep the following thing in mind:

  • Have a plan first that you have created with your mentor
  • Choose your accountability partners wisely
  • Make sure that you trust your accountability partners
  • Make a S.M.A.R.T.*** accountability schedule
  • Be open to constructive feedback from your accountability partners

As I continue on my business makeover journey, I'm looking forward to having your feedback. If you have additional determining factors that you include with choosing an accountability partner, please share them. Also I will be creating an accountability list with my partners that we will all agree to. Do you have suggestion regarding what should be on this list? Please feel free to leave a comment containing your suggestions.

*Twitterville: the environment for those who use Twitter
**Tweeple: your friends on Twitter
***S.M.A.R.T. = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely

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