I came across a great duo of power-houses for web conferencing. Found out that the capabilities of Skype have been matched with Yugma to create a way for you to hold web conferences using Skype. You can still attend via the web and also listen on a regular land-line or cell phone.

Another great thing I found was that Yugma is a very cost effective way to hold web conference. They have a free trial for 14 days and then afterwards you can remain at a personal level customer or you can choose the professional level a web conference room starting at $19.95 per month for 20 people.

If you have been looking for a cost-effective way to deliver web conferences, have the ability to record it and have listeners on the phone-line all that the same time along with using it with Skype, then Yugma is a great choice to check-out.

Actually, I am planning on using Yugma for an upcoming teleseminar series. I'm very excited about the upcoming teleseminar that will help business owner find cost-effective tools to help grow their business so watch for more details. Click here to visit ==> Yugma.

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