The Literary Corner Interview with Dr. Jacquie Brown-Hadnot Set The Captives Free

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Dr. Jacquie shares how her book, Cry Aloud, Spare Not was given to her by God. In the midst of her sickness, God reveals, heals and gives her a message for everyone. Dr. Jacquie candidly discusses fasting, prayer and having a relationship with God. Her passion to educate the Body of Christ pours out of her as she speaks.

Dr. Jacquie shares her personal testimony of God healing her. She shares what she has lived and knows who God is and what he promises. If you are experiencing sickness, you need to tune in to this interview and hear what Dr. Jacquie is sharing about healing, absolute surrendering to God and even more.

Later in the show, Dr. Taffy Wagner and Bettye Jamerson, “The Virtuous Women” share with the listeners that they are believers and ordained ministers of the Gospel. They continue discussing fasting, prayer and having a relationship with God. “The Virtuous Women” continue to minister the Word just as Dr. Jacquie had done earlier in the interview. Tune in to hear what else is discussed…

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