Leesa Barnes, author of Podcasting for Profit, gave me an update on her Black Friday Podcasting Bundle.

She told me that things were brisk and that her virtual assistant is going crazy trying to keep up with the orders.

What makes this bundle so appealing? Well, it's based on the questions Leesa collected during her virtual book tour.

The products that Leesa put together in this bundle answer the following:

  • If I'm Not an Expert, Should I Podcast?
  • How Can I Develop a Podcast that People Want to Hear or See?
  • What's the Best Way to Record My Audio Podcast?
  • What Do I Podcast About?
  • How Do I Get Started With Podcasting?

If you got the bundle, congrats! But if you're dragging your heels, stop. The longer you wait, the more you'll have
to pay. The price goes up every few days.

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Kim Beasley