10 Ways to Destroy Your Management Career

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Want to keep your management career in tact? Then make sure you read this article so that you don't do any of the 10 ways to destroy it.

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10 Ways to Destroy Your Management Career

10 Ways to Destroy Your CareerEvery day, managers and executives just like you self destruct. They don't just shoot themselves in the foot. Nope. They destroy their jobs, even their entire careers, and in dramatic fashion. If you liked 20 Ways to Screw up Your Management Career, you're going to love this. The methods are far more insidious.

As before, there's no theory here; I've witnessed each of these career-ending spectacles in real life. And you'll notice that none of them have anything to do with your capability, experience, skills, business acumen, or what a nice guy you are. That's what makes it all the more ironic … and pathetic.

So, managers at all levels, aspiring or current executives, listen up. Especially in this economic environment, the last thing you want to do is kiss your sweet career goodbye. And that's what may happen if you … 

  1. Get a DUI or other alcohol / drug related conviction. Decades ago I had some indiscretions along these lines. It came up in every executive job background check, as recently as nine years ago. Didn't change the outcome, but these days, I bet it would.

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