10 Easy Ways To Share Your Content To Build Brand Online

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Having a solid plan to build brand online can help you grow your business easily. Have you ever given thought to why people try products from trusted brands online? Or maybe why online branded product sales are always on top?

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Online branding is a unique way to reach people, to grow sales, and mark your presence. Building brand identity online is a crucial aspect to attract people and to grow your business. People always prefer to buy and try a product from a brand they like and are familiar with already. 

Online branding is an asset. With a unique idea, you can share a product with a better vision with your online community. Creative content can encourage your target market to buy, re-share, and promote your products.

Let's Checkout The 10 Easy Ways to Share Your Content to Build Brand Online

Are you thinking about unique ideas to attract customers that can increase your followers on social media? Continue reading to find my ten easy and creative ways to build your brand in unique ways.

1. Offer to interview an industry leader for a blog-post

build brand onlineInterviewing an industry leader enables you to share your content and interact with successful people one-on-one.  You’ll gain knowledge through the work of the people who are already pioneers in their fields.  

Interviews are great for reputation building, social skills, and enhancing contacts with the top players. They act as visuals on your blog posts. Apart from your website, you can start its promotion on business pages and social media.

Ask the interviewee to share the blog post on their website too. This makes a powerful presence of your brand in the minds of their followers worldwide. 

2. Offer to do an interview for your podcast

build brand onlineLike Interviews, you can create a live or recorded conversation through podcasts. Ask interesting questions to successful people from reputed companies or brands.

An interesting and inspirational podcast is one of the best and efficient ways to attract people. By doing this, you can cover a majority of potential customers, driving them to share your content.

Even busy entrepreneurs and clients will be open to listen to podcasts anywhere. They can listen to them on their way to work while traveling, or jogging, or somewhere between their mundane tasks.  It increases your audience reach.

You can ask your interviewees to talk about your product. Request them to share the podcast on their website, blog, and social media. This will help you connect with their followers and share your content.

3. Create a giveaway contest for action takers who share your content

build brand onlineTo build the brand effectively, always be in touch and interact with your audience in every means. Giveaway attracts people to promote your brand. It can be through contests, promos, and coupons. 

Make them share and circulate your content for your products to maximize its global outreach. This technique will enhance your mailing list too.

People will always be interested in giveaway contests. Hence, you can target a specific or a group of people to promote your brand. We must promote giveaways on social media, newsletters, and brand campaigns. Also, try some interesting contests such as photo contests or Refer-a-Friend contests.

4. Generate video for industry leader blog-post interview

build brand onlineOne remarkable and workable way to reach the audience is by making a video with the interviewee. Connect with your targeted market by promoting the products and services through digital and social media marketing.

Creating a video with an industry leader in your particular niche will be effective to grow your brand online. For online brand building, make videos that are thoughtful, educational, and fun to watch. Engage your audience with some interesting facts about your brand and products.

This will mark your presence and provide your views in the targeted market. Also, your brand can be easily recognizable from your competitors.  

5. Offer to do a how-to video for a product you love to use

build brand onlineEver come across a product that intrigues your curiosity and is super handy, but confusing to operate? You are left with no choice but to visit the seller again to ask its operating steps. Well, you can increase your brand awareness by making how-to videos on such products. Teaching and solving the operating techniques to your audience will be a rewarding approach. 

Also, you can use this method for your products. Through this step, your audience will gain an awareness of your brand and the products you serve. Explainer videos or step-by-step product usage videos are always efficient for such tasks. They give the perfect pitch about the product and help in sales. 

Share it on various social media platforms and add a suggestion box and forum on your website. This helps your audience to interact with your brand and gain perspective.

6. Live stream video to share your knowledge

build brand onlineKnowledge sharing via live stream video will generate a higher response rate. If you have some good hold at your niche, you can live-streaming on your product details. It will increase your brand recognition. 

Interacting and sharing your thoughts and visions about your product, with the target market, will enhance your customer base. 

The brand owner should be active online on various social media platforms. Live-streaming will accumulate responses from the audience and increase its reach. 

The audience loves watching live-streamed content of brands tied up with social activities, reviews, and knowledge sharing.

7. Offer to interview an industry leader via live stream

build brand onlineInterviewing an industry leader via a live stream connects people from your niche on a single interaction medium. You can ask questions and advice directly from experts.

Live stream interviews with industry leaders directly attract guest followers. It enables them to build trust in your brand. Your customers will gain awareness and clarity on the services you provide. Hence, there will be an increase in the number of re-visiting visitors which will increase conversions.

8. Ask your followers to submit tips or content that you compile into a blog-post

build brand onlineThe audience is the fundamental aspect of the growth and the success of any brand. By constantly involving your communication tactics with the audience, the building of the brand will be easier.

Asking your followers and future customers to submit tips, suggestions, or content topics for your next blog. This will help you know more about your product. 

Ask for suggestions and answer their doubts and FAQs. Gather relevant information, refine your content according to their critiques, and analyze the information. This will be fine-tune the content that the audience loves to receive. Get into the minds of targeted markets by compiling their tips into a blog post and promoting it in the future.

9. Create an infographic with step-by-step instructions

build brand onlinePeople are more attracted to the visual infographic medium of communicating things. Infographics with step-by-step instructions present complex data into a simple form. They tell the whole idea about your brand in a single picture with a combination of attractive texts, designs, and images.

 High-quality infographics grab people’s attention easily and make the content highly convertible. 

The step-by-step instructions make people more attentive while reading because it is highly appealing and unique.

10. Collaborate with a peer or brand to create a product.

build brand onlineCollaborate with superior brands or peers, industry leaders, or with effective brands. This helps in bringing up fresh ideas with shared perspectives and achieving a common benefit. 

Working together on any innovative idea of your niche will come with high-end products or services. The benefits are higher sales and gaining customer satisfaction. Brand collaboration helps you fulfill the audience's needs. It also attracts the audience of the alliance brand.

Sharing your content with your audience to build your brand identity online is easy. Right skills, developed over time and consistent practice, will help you master this art. If this seems to be too hectic and confusing, then there is a perfect solution. You can instead have a professional online branding expert like Kim Beasley take over the work and simplify the process for you.

Final Words to Share Your Content to Build Brand Online

As you work to share your content to build a brand online, being consistent and regular practice can make the process effortless. Apart from sharing your content, learn, and enjoy your time engaging online with your audience. Remember that you can always reach out to me, Kim Beasley, your Strategic Business Branding Coach via my Contact page. 

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