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Learn How To Manage Blogging and Social Media With CoSchedule

Have you been searching for a tool that would allow you to manage blogging and social media at the same time? Then look no further because I’ve found the solution that you’ve been looking for and it’s called CoSchedule. What I love about CoSchedule is that it allows you to have a marketing calendar where […]

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Business Makeover: Setting Up Accountability Partners

Yesterday I made a business decision to ask for accountability partners as part of my business makeover. I sent a request out to Twitterville* and three of my tweeples** answered back to let me know that they would hold me accountable. The three who will be my acccountability partners are Latara (@LataraHamYing), Christine (@neosoulsister), and […]

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Business Makeover: Mission Possible

As I continue my business makeover, I’ve decided to look at my business like I’m on a spy mission and trying to determine who the enemy of my business is and destroy it. Realizing that if I don’t destroy the enemy of my business, it could have unrepairable damage. So… I decided to make a […]

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