Learn How To Manage Blogging and Social Media With CoSchedule

Learn How To Manage Blogging and Social Media With CoSchedule

Have you been searching for a tool that would allow you to manage blogging and social media at the same time? Then look no further because I’ve found the solution that you’ve been looking for and it’s called CoSchedule.

What I love about CoSchedule is that it allows you to have a marketing calendar where you can see all of your efforts in one place. Personally, it has saved me about half the amount of time I use to spend on the whole blogging and social media sharing process. By being able to do it all in one place, I can get things done quickly.

What is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule: The Editorial Calendar For WordPress - Manage Blogging and Social Media

CoSchedule is a social tool that allows you to manage blogging and social media efforts in one place. According to their website, you can…

  • Save a ton of time with social media. By using CoSchedule, you can schedule posting to all of your social media accounts, at the same time.
  • Plan and schedule all of your social media. When you plan and schedule out your posting, it frees up your time. It also keeps fresh messages going to your social media accounts.
  • Get more traffic than ever before. It can encourage your target customer to checkout your blog post when using CoSchedule to share your posts to social media in a timely manner.
  • Plan ahead to balance your life. By using this tool to plan out the postings on your blog and on social media, you can become more efficient. The freedom you get from doing this allows you to spend your saved time doing other great things.
  • Manage everything you create in one place. By being able to do this, you can go to one location online instead of having to log into your blog and all of the social media websites.
  • Boost traffic from your old posts. One of the best options that CoSchedule offers is the ability to send traffic to old posts that may need traffic love.
  • Become an even better blogger. It can help your create a consistent blogging schedule that can help you become known as a blogger in your industry.

With all of this in place, I feel like CoSchedule is a revolutionary social media tool that’s perfect for everyone. They even have a two week trial period so that you can decide on how it will work for you.

Why use CoSchedule to manage blogging and social media?

Good question and the answer is simple. It saves you time and gives your organization an all-in-one place for blogging and social media. By having the capability to manage blogging and social media in one place, it also allows for automation to be setup.

Personally, I use Google+ and Twitter a lot, and having the ability to automate postings to these network with CoSchedule has made me very happy. It can also post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and even Buffer. It’s a one stop shop for managing your online content sharing efforts.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of their free trial and experience the relief of spending less time on the blogging process. I guarantee CoSchedule is the what you’ve been looking for to help manage your blogging and social media efforts.

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