New Series: Different Ways To Grow Business

With the New Year starting today, I decided to start a new month-long series to help business owners find different ways to grow their businesses. During this month, I will share different tips that will help you to not only grow your business but also manage its growth.

Some of the topics that I plan on covering this month are:

  • Cross marketing
  • Social media
  • Business management
  • Virtual support teams
  • Blogging

As I share these tips, I want to encourage you to respond with a comment about how they have helped you with your business or share additional information of how… Continue reading

Business Makeover: Setting Up Accountability Partners

Yesterday I made a business decision to ask for accountability partners as part of my business makeover. I sent a request out to Twitterville* and three of my tweeples** answered back to let me know that they would hold me accountable. The three who will be my acccountability partners are Latara (@LataraHamYing), Christine (@neosoulsister), and Dee (@deegospel).

Why did I ask for accountability partners? I did this so that I will have someone who would check on me to make sure that I’m following through with my plans. It is always important that you not only have a mentor, who… Continue reading

Business Makeover: Mission Possible

As I continue my business makeover, I’ve decided to look at my business like I’m on a spy mission and trying to determine who the enemy of my business is and destroy it. Realizing that if I don’t destroy the enemy of my business, it could have unrepairable damage. So… I decided to make a list of detailed and sometimes hard questions that will help me identify my enemy.

  • What have I done in the past that was successful?
  • What have I done in the past that was unsuccessful?
  • Where am I unfocused on in my business?
  • Do I have… Continue reading

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