New Series: Different Ways To Grow Business

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With the New Year starting today, I decided to start a new month-long series to help business owners find different ways to grow their businesses. During this month, I will share different tips that will help you to not only grow your business but also manage its growth.

Some of the topics that I plan on covering this month are:

  • Cross marketing
  • Social media
  • Business management
  • Virtual support teams
  • Blogging

As I share these tips, I want to encourage you to respond with a comment about how they have helped you with your business or share additional… Continue reading

Business Makeover: Setting Up Accountability Partners

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Yesterday I made a business decision to ask for accountability partners as part of my business makeover. I sent a request out to Twitterville* and three of my tweeples** answered back to let me know that they would hold me accountable. The three who will be my acccountability partners are Latara (@LataraHamYing), Christine (@neosoulsister), and Dee (@deegospel).

Why did I ask for accountability partners? I did this so that I will have someone who would check on me to make sure that I’m following through with my plans. It is always important that you not only have… Continue reading

Business Makeover: Mission Possible

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As I continue my business makeover, I’ve decided to look at my business like I’m on a spy mission and trying to determine who the enemy of my business is and destroy it. Realizing that if I don’t destroy the enemy of my business, it could have unrepairable damage. So… I decided to make a list of detailed and sometimes hard questions that will help me identify my enemy.

  • What have I done in the past that was successful?
  • What have I done in the past that was unsuccessful?
  • Where am I unfocused on in my business?… Continue reading

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