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A Little Bit About The Creative Introverted Entrepreneur Book. Are you looking forward to change your thinking about  life and business? Then this is what the Creative Introverted Entrepreneur (CIE) is all about. As long as you equally embrace both your introverted and extroverted personality traits, you can be successful. Key to doing this, a CIE needs to choose to face your fears, understand yourself and your business, and also set S.M.A.R.T. goals that you can achieve.

In this book, Kim Beasley will share her life experiences of becoming a CIE  to build the business of her dream. After reading this book, you too can become a CIE along with building the business your dreams.

Benefits Of Becoming A CIE. When you choose to buy the CIE book or take part in the CIE Adventure, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Facing My Business Fears And Identifying Target Clients
  • Understanding Me and Crafting My Business Message
  • Using  WordPress To Build A Website To Attract Your Target Clients
  • Defining Your Social Media Presence, Online and Offline
  • Learning  To Incorporate Social Media Into Your Website
  • Learning  About Lead Generation, Sales Pages and Converting Clients
  • Bringing It All Together and Wrap It Up

Creative Introverted Entrepreneurs & Business Visibility Builder Training

Special training has been developed to help you that will assist you to Be SEEN and SELL Online. It teaching about growing your visibility online so that you can connect to your target customers and sell to them. Are you ready to STOP Hiding so that you can START growing your business visibility.

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About Kim

Creative Introverted Entrepreneur - kim beasley - business visibility builderKim Beasley got her start as a Creative Introverted Entrepreneur (CIE) back in 1999 when she decided to leave her full-time job. Leaving the job meant that she needed to have a way to replace her income. During this time, she became a Corporate Consultant while managing  her business. As of 2005, she went full-time in her business and have been growing it since then.

Even though Kim loves her introverted private times and working from home, she also has been able to embrace her inner extrovert to grow her business. Her business has grown from a one-woman shop to where she now has a team of contractors working with her to grow her 6-figure business.