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Social Media is the Key to Open Communication with Your Target Customers

If you are looking for a way to keep communications open between you and your customers, then choosing to invest in social media may be the answer you are looking for. Social media has become a vital way for individuals and businesses to generate awareness and increase promotional opportunities. If you want to implement it […]

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Business Makeover: Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Wow, I actually hired a virtual assistant (VA) to help me get things organized with my business makeover. This was a hard decision because I’ve always been the hands-on business owner and releasing control is hard. Don’t get me wrong, I can delegate when the need arises but to actually had over tasks that I’m […]

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Business Makeover: Setting Up Accountability Partners

Yesterday I made a business decision to ask for accountability partners as part of my business makeover. I sent a request out to Twitterville* and three of my tweeples** answered back to let me know that they would hold me accountable. The three who will be my acccountability partners are Latara (@LataraHamYing), Christine (@neosoulsister), and […]

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