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7 Common Misconceptions About Small Business Management

Refining your small business management techniques is a great way to grow your business. To help you get a better understanding about managing your business, this blog post will share common misconceptions and then how you can overcome them. Misconception #1: Blogging isn’t important Started with this misconception because blogging is one of the best ways to share your […]

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Parenting in an Electronics Age: Be aware of apps, games and e-shopping

The this series, I will be sharing about: Parenting in an Electronics Age. For the first topic of the series, I am going to share information regarding the things parents should be aware of when it comes to apps, games and e-shopping. Over the past few years, technology has really evolved and continues to do so. Most kids today have an electronic […]

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Changing social media habits and tech gadgets of teens

When it comes to trends regarding social media habits and tech gadgets of teens, there are some very interesting findings. In my research, I found a great resource called where I found an infographic with more details regarding the trending social media behavior of teens. In recent years, teens have changed their social media habits in […]

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