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Build Habits that Improve You

The most important of all tips and strategies you can activate in 2017, is the ability to identify where you need to improve. Once you identify where your life, career, and skills need to be improved you can work on building those valuable habits that make you a success. These habits will effectively impact how […]

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Always Be Measuring with Analytics

Once you have a digital marketing strategy in place, the next step to growing your business is to focus on measuring your progress. Measuring is what will instantly give you a step above your competitors. That’s because most people don’t measure effectively, or they don’t measure at all. Measuring your stats involves looking at the […]

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Why Controversy Can Help Your Business

A lot of business professionals are afraid of controversy for fear of people being offended or losing customers due to differing opinions. While there is definitely risk involved in controversy, posting controversial content—whether it be written, video, or pictures—can actually help you stand out from the crowd. Controversial marketing is also known as shock marketing. […]

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