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Understanding the Growth Rate of Google Plus

Google released Google Plus (Google+) during the summer of 2011 and in the time since, the growth rate of Google Plus has been amazing. Even though many critics expected it not to last. Google+ has shown that even though they were late to the party for social media networks, they have a lot to offer user. In regard […]

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5 Reasons Why Using Google Plus for Business is Good!

Did you know that using Google Plus for business is a good thing for you to do? Well, let’s take a moment now to look at 5 reasons why Google Plus (Google+) is good for your business and how you can implement them. In this post, I will share tips that can help you get started […]

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3 Easy Ways to Create a Social Media Business Strategy for Google Plus

Creating a social media business strategy that includes Google Plus is important to business owners who want to reach and engage their target customers. This is important because Google Plus is tied into and it helps you with your search engine optimization (SEO). Another reason is because Google Plus gives you different ways to engage […]

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