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Looking for a CRM to handle my Customers, Vendors, & Contractors

One of the things that I love to do is stay connected with my customers, vendors and contractors. It helps me keep the lines of communication open with them as I work on projects. In order to stay connected, I need to have a customer relationship management (CRM) tool in place that can handle all of my communication activities.

Why start using a CRM tool

Recently, I took a look at how I was handling the communication process with all of them and decided that I needed to make a few changes. After analyzing my processes, financial spenditures, and time… Continue reading

Unique Ways to Use Google+ to Grow Your Business Visibility

Google+Google+ (G+) came onto the scene and they have created a stampede that is gaining speed. Google+ has become the new wave in the social media world. It’s also a new platform for the professional who wants to do more then send out a few tweets each week. G+ is a powerful tool that can assist you in elevating and growing your business visibility.

There are several ways that Google+ can be used to gain the exposure that you’ve always wanted for your business. Some of these include:

  • Using Google+ Hangouts To Do Interviews – Google+ offers so many features… Continue reading

Boosting Your Business Savvy in 2012

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dr. Carolyn Miller of the blog talk radio show Getting Good at Life. I got to share my tips for increasing your bottom line in 2012. It was a rewarding experience and I feel fortunate to be able to have shared my insights with those who are looking to increase their bottom lines in 2012.

Dr. Carolyn Miller is a psychologist, speaker and life coach who has a passion for helping others live the best life possible. For nearly 20 years, Dr. Carolyn has provided consultation both nationally and internationally… Continue reading

Share Your Knowledge and Expertise Through Maven

You’re an expert. Did you know that? Think of the times that people ask you for advice based on your profession. You know your stuff. That’s why people come to you. There are plenty of people out there who need your expertise. It’s about making connections and networking.

Now there is a place where experts come together for a common cause; sharing their knowledge with others. That place is called Maven. Mavin is not just a way to network. It’s not just another social platform. At Maven, members not only get a platform to share what they know but… Continue reading

Why Your Business Strategic Plan Should include a VA

Today there are numerous businesses starting both online and offline. When you are creating a strategic plan on how to run and market your business are you including a virtual assistant (VA) in that plan? If not then you are missing an important piece of the puzzle.

VA’s are helping businesses all over the world run smoothly and effectively. What is a VA? A VA is someone who works remotely or virtually as it is coined from an environment away from your place of business. VA’s traditionally work from their homes and work part-time and full-time.

What can a VA… Continue reading