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Cubicle Divas Podcast: Brokeback Entrepreneur

I remember hearing about the “Brokeback Entrepreneur” article that was written by Leesa Barnes in early 2006. After reading the article, I decided to share its information with as many people as possible. Knowing that many people want to grow their entrepreneur business, the “Brokeback Entrepreneur” article give great insight into being a business owner. […]

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Entrepreneurial Ice Cream Sundae

What does an ice cream sundae have to do with being an entrepreneur? Glad you asked because we can learn a lot from what it takes to build an ice cream sundae. First of all, you need to have a firm foundation of ice cream that is not soft but hard and able to handle what is piled on top of it. The same is true for the foundation of a business that an entrepreneur may want to start-up. Without a solid business plan or business structure, an entrepreneur can fail when they start piling on the work load.

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